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Breakfast Topic: What's the least loved class in WoW?


Following my recent Breakfast Topic asking you which class you would never play, I got a bit overexcited. I totally put on my glasses, having found them, and did Science. I went through all the comments and added up how regularly each class was mentioned, in a hugely scientific manner. Then I lost count, spilled coffee on the bit of paper, and did Science all over again with a spreadsheet.

Fortunately I didn't spill coffee on the spreadsheet; that would have been more problematic, seeing as it's inside my laptop and all. So here, ladies and gentlemen, are the results of The Biggest Loser Azeroth, 2012! Now, for clarity, this is the number of times each class was mentioned in the context of someone not succeeding in leveling it, not wanting to level it, or not finding it appealing to level or play. People who got a class to 85 but don't really play it that much weren't counted!

So based on this extremely scientific approach, the most loved (least mentioned) class was the priest. Only 4.7% said they wouldn't level a priest. Does this mean priests are just bland and inoffensive, or totally awesome? Who knows!

But the least loved (most mentioned)? Well, warriors came in second, with 12.4%, but there was a bit of a cluster with rogue on 11.6% and druid on 10.9%. But, ladies and gentlemen, the runaway winner with a truly epic 20.9% was the warlock. Why is that? I kinda like my 'lock. I'm not entirely sure why they don't appeal, but there's clearly something. I'd say it was the pets, but the hunter only had 8.5% of the vote! What do you think?

Here are the full results:

Priest: 4.7% DK: 10.1%
Shaman: 6.2% Druid 10.9%
Mage: 7.0% Rogue: 11.6%
Paladin: 7.8% Warrior: 12.4%
Hunter: 8.5% Warlock: 20.9%

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