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Delve deeper into RIFT's Infernal Dawn raid with new details, screenshots


If you've ever looked at an MMO and said something like "this would be a lot better if there was lava-surfing pirate ship helmed by an amazonian captain" or "dragons would be so much cooler if they were made of gold," then you have some very particular and rather peculiar thoughts. Moreover, though, RIFT has just the instance for you.

Last week we took a video tour through the Earth Wing of RIFT's upcoming raid, Infernal Dawn. Now PC Gamer has got some more screenshots and details on the new dungeon, which pits players up against the Golden Maw, the Wanton, and their decidedly daft dragon leaders, Maelforge and Laethys. Laethys, in case we haven't mentioned it yet, is the dragon of earth whose form is composed entirely of delicious gold and precious gems. It's also worth mentioning that this is a dragon whose sacrifice of choice is a pretty boy or girl who has had his or her eyes removed and replaced with rubies. So yeah, may want to take her down ASAP, guys.

Unfortunately, we've still yet to get a look at Maelforge himself, but we're sure Mr. I-want-to-sow-the-seeds-of-discord-and-chaos-everywhere will show his face as the release of Infernal Dawn draws ever closer.

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