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Draw Something hits 20 million downloads in just five weeks


Being a blogger in the Apple ecosystem, I'm used to seeing numbers that are completely staggering -- the number of iPads sold during an introductory weekend, for example. But when an iPhone app is able to pull in a huge number of downloads in a very short timeframe, I really pay attention. That's the case with Draw Something ($0.99), a social game that has not only jumped to the top of the paid apps chart in 79 countries, but has also been downloaded a whopping 20 million times in the five weeks that it has been available.

CEO of developer OMGPOP, Dan Porter, says that the app is generating six figures a day. The company has also made more money in the five weeks that Draw Something has been in the App Store than they made all of last year. Over one billion pictures have been drawn using the app, which is similar to the classic Pictionary game. The superlatives keep on coming -- on March 11, 2012, over 3,000 drawings a second were being generated by users.

Not all of the downloaders are active users of the game; OMGPOP reports that "only" 12 million users are actively playing Draw Something. Part of the app's attraction and one of the reasons it is being downloaded so much is that it requires at least two people to play.

Do you play Draw Something? If so, tell other TUAW readers what you like -- or dislike -- about this incredibly popular game.

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