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HTC details micro arc oxidation, says your One S will be strong enough to forgo the case (video)

Joe Pollicino

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Happen to recall the gorgeous metal HTC's using on its upcoming One S to surround its Ice Cream Sandwich-loaded core? To refresh your memory, the ceramic look and feel of its metal unibody shell is created using a process known as micro arc oxidation -- and HTC's highlighting how the magic happens in its latest YouTube video. According to the company, the shell (made from aircraft-grade aluminium) gets slammed with a whopping "10,000 volts of energy," causing a reaction that quickly leads to the black color and smooth texture. Notably, HTC points out that this is actually a treatment to the metal, rather than a finish on top of it. That's not all -- the metal also ends up being nearly five-times stronger as a result. Want to see the zapping for yourself? You'll find the clip and more details in the flick just after the break.

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