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Quickoffice releases ProSelect HD, targeted at enterprise administrators


Quickoffice has released its new iOS ProSelect HD application suite through the App Store's volume-purchasing program. ProSelect HD combines the existing Quickoffice document suite with corporate security features, and the new package is targeted specifically at enterprise users.

Features include a configurable file manager system, integrated cloud service collaboration, device-based encryption and SaveBack. The SaveBack feature allows users to securely edit documents synchronized with cloud storage services like, Egynte, Catch, Google Docs, Dropbox, Huddle, Alfresco, SugarSync or Evernote.

What's most important about ProSelect HD is what it lets you turn off. Enterprise IT managers may need to lock down their iOS office suites more than the average iPad user would, so ProSelect HD allows a central administrator to disable features from the regular Quickoffice suite like WiFi sharing, copy and paste and specific (read: less secure or auditable) cloud services. Secure file access is one of the big reasons enterprises are looking at solutions like GroupLogic's ActivEcho for iOS access to corporate data, skipping the commercial cloud and going back inside the firewall to Windows fileservers.

ProSelect HD is offered at tiered-purchase levels beginning at 50 users. It includes maintenance and support for a year. Contact the company for a quote if you're in the market.

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