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Retailer lists Ninja Gaiden 3 special edition with bloody sword Move accessory [update: it's real, kind of]


One week before the release of Ninja Gaiden 3, a previously unseen special edition has popped up on the website of Canadian retailer Video Games Plus. The set inclues a PS3 copy of the game and a special "Dragon Sword" accessory for PlayStation Move that mimics the appearance of Ryu Hayabusa's sword. Or, to put it another way, is a tiny bloody foam sword.

We haven't seen this edition for sale anywhere else, so it's potentially either a Canadian exclusive or something that didn't actually make it to production. It's different from the known collector's edition, anyway. We're asking Tecmo Koei now. We just want to know if we and other mature adults will be able to play this M-rated game with a toy sword.

Update: Tecmo tells us the sword is a real item, "okayed" by Tecmo but not 100% official. The bundle, from what we understand, is not an official Tecmo thing. We've asked for more info about its availability.

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