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Sprint offering free 3G / 4G Plug-in-connect, clears space for faster dongles


Over the weekend, Sprint announced it's handing out one of its 3G / 4G dongles free of charge to its customers -- with a catch, though. The gratis U602 Plug-in-connect can be yours now if you're rockin' an American Express Prepaid Reward Card, getting a new line or willing to sign a fresh two-year deal. And, if those options aren't tempting enough, you'll unfortunately have to part ways with a mere 50 bucks in order to take one home. However, don't expect this Now Network USB connector to let you surf on those promised LTE waves, since beloved WiMax speeds (with 3G as a fallback option) are all you can get. Sound good? The Plug-in-connect is up for grabs now at your local store or via the source link below.

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Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in-Connect USB Available to Sprint Customers March 11

Available beginning March 11, Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in-Connect provides flexibility and quick access to Sprint 3G and 4G networks

Beginning, Sunday, March 11, Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in-Connect will be available via Sprint direct ship sales channels, including Sprint Stores, Sprint Business Sales, Telesales (1-800-SPRINT1) and online ( for FREE with a new line or eligible upgrade and two-year service agreement, after a $50 mail-in rebate via reward card1.

With its compact design, Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in Connect USB provides flexible and easy access to the Sprint 3G and 4G networks in one click. With no computer software to install and no application to wait for, Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in Connect USB works just like an Ethernet cable, just plug-in and open the internet browser.

Get work started quickly by plugging the rotating connector into any USB port and auto-connect to Sprint's fastest network available within seconds. Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in-Connect USB provides the convenience that mobile workers need with real-time access to company resources, networks and data.

Key Features include:

No computer software, CD to install – just plug-in and connect
Auto-connect to Sprint's Mobile Broadband 3G and 4G Networks where available
Rotating USB Connector
3G GPS enabled
Supports 3G and 4G DataLink
Supports session based billing giving customers the option to pay for data access on the Sprint 3G and 4G networks by the day, week or month with no long-term contract
External antenna ports
Supports Windows® 7, Windows® Vista, Windows® XP , MAC 10.5,10.6, 10.7 with Intel platform

Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in Connect USB customers have flexibility with their billing with the choice of a two-year Mobile broadband Plan or pay-as-you-go options. Sprint Mobile Broadband Plans for USB devices start at $49.99 per month for 6GB of combined on-network 3G/4G data usage (excludes taxes and surcharges)2. Customers who purchase a monthly recurring plan with a two-year contract also receive discounted device pricing. Customers who prefer not to purchase a recurring plan or sign a 2-year contract may instead purchase the device at full Suggested Retail Price (SRP) and utilize Sprint's pay-as-you-go services.

Pay-as-you-go allows customers to pay for data access on the Sprint 3G and 4G networks by the day, week or month with no long-term contract. Customers can choose the 3G/4G Day, Week or Month pass that fits their needs:

Day: $14.99 for 150 MB of on-network usage in a 24-hour period (includes 50 MB off-network roaming usage)
Week: $29.99 for 500 MB of on-network usage in a 7-day period (includes 100 MB off-network roaming usage)
Month: $49.99 for 1.5 GB of usage in a 30-day period (includes 150 MB off-network roaming usage)

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