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Aeria Games unveils third racial cinematic for Lime Odyssey

MJ Guthrie

First we brought you the Muris. Then you saw the Turga. Now Aeria Games has unveiled the cinematic for the third and final playable race in its upcoming free-to-play MMORPG Lime Odyssey -- Humans.

Centuries ago, humans lived as nomadic seafarers. After running aground, they established the town of Blue Coral and grew prosperous through crafting and fishing among the vibrant plants and sea life. Many young Humans, however, retain their ancestors' adventurous spirit and set out to find their own fortunes. Besides exploring Baron Northpallor's Manor in the north they can also dive in and seek for treasure in the depths of the Beren Sea.

For a look at the Humans, click past the cut to watch the new opening cinematic and also see some exclusive screenshots!

[Source: Aeria Games Press Release]

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