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CCP announces EVE Online Fanfest 2012 livestream


We're just over a week away from EVE Online's Fanfest 2012, but unfortunately it isn't always convenient for the game's worldwide fans to take a weekend trip to Reykjavik. The folks at CCP know this, and they've got it all under control. Players who aren't lucky enough to get to attend the event in-person will have the opportunity to be there in (virtual) spirit with thanks to a livestream of the event on EVE TV.

CCP's Soundwave, Sunset, and Guard will be providing fans with a continuous stream of coverage of major events, panels, and tournaments, complete with commentary to help viewers navigate the treacherous depths of the Fanfest. Serious fans can opt to shell out 1 PLEX (or its real-world equivalent wherever they may be) for EVE TV HD, which will allow them to stream the entire event in high-definition. That 1 PLEX will also net players an in-game Fanfest 2012 t-shirt and a fancy-schmancy Iteron Mark IV Quafe Ultra Edition industrial ship. More casual players will probably be content with EVE TV Free. While it doesn't include the nifty bonus items and it isn't in HD, it will still provide the same amount of Fanfest coverage as the HD stream.

Virtual tickets for access to the stream are on sale now on EVE Online's official site, so if you want to experience the joys of the EVE Online Fanfest from the comfort of your own home, this is your chance. And remember, Massively will have its own stream of the Fanfest right here on the site, so be sure to drop by and spend some time with your fellow spaceship-faring Massively readers.

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