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Google+ updated with photo album organizer, batch delete and sorting functionality in tow

Joe Pollicino

Suffice it to say, if you're still using Google+ you've probably noticed that it hasn't exactly had an expansive feature set for organizing photo albums. According to Isaac Sparrow, a self-described "engineer on the Google+ Photos team," a great number of folks have expressed the desire for better functionality in this area. Thankfully, in response, he also announced some a quartet of features that have just been set live on the site to help you keep your candids in check. Within the Options menus of your albums you'll now find an Organize tab which'll let you select and delete a multiple images, move and copy them to other albums and resort them by date or any order you choose. Sure, it's far from the likes of Facebook's Timeline, but we'd imagine anyone with backlog of photos on the site will surely appreciate the new digs. You know the drill -- hit the links below for all the details.

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