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Indie Royale's St. Patrick's Day bundle is partially blind for now


Indie Royale's St. Patrick's Day bundle is semi-blind -- but don't worry, it's more like one of those trips to the eye doctor where you leave wearing giant, ugly, flimsy plastic sunglasses and are told to not look directly at the sun for the afternoon. It gets better, is what we're saying.

Indie Royale has opened pre-orders, at a $4 minimum, for four slightly mysterious titles in its St. Patrick's Day bundle, the actual day of which is Saturday, March 17. If you plan on being even a tad sober any time on Saturday, the games are teased as follows:

"An explosive FPS with a future-leaning setting," "next up the flagpole is a jaunty Windows and Mac adventure game," "a brainy Steam-enabled Windows and Mac title 'dispensing' RTS action," "an acclaimed satirical platformer, plus a bonus DRM-free Windows RPG overhead shooter from the same creator."

Pre-orders and those who pay over the minimum once the bundle is released will get O.S.T.: Original Soundtrack from Daniel Capo.

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