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"Watch with eBay" iPad app lets viewers shop like stars, go broke


As if we don't get inundated with enough entreaties to spend while watching the boob tube, now eBay has joined the fray with a new iPad app. Watch with eBay (free) is designed to let fans find items that are for sale on eBay that are related to your favorite shows.

For example, let's say you're watching sports on TV. Watch with eBay provides a way to find sports memorabilia and clothing associated with your favorite team. Imagine sitting down to watch the latest episode of CSI: Miami and being able to purchase an autograph or pair of sunglasses belonging to superstar, award-winning actor David Caruso. It's enough to turn your stomach, but it's now possible with Watch with eBay.

But wait, there's more! Watch with eBay also includes a free special feature -- eBay Celebrity! If your own life is so dull and pathetic that you're into celebrity worship, you can now find out what charities your favorite celeb supports and what they'd buy on eBay. To quote the description of this app, "Shop like a star, and make a difference by contributing to your favorite celebrity causes." Only one difference -- they make a lot more money than you do, so be sure not to max out your credit card trying to be just like Taylor Swift.

All kidding aside, this could be the perfect app for finding that officially-licensed Tardis ice bucket you didn't know you needed. So get it. Now. Operators are standing by.

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