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Get your free TERA beta keys here!

Jef Reahard

So you're not in the TERA beta yet, but you'd like to be, amirite? I mean, come on -- sexy avatars, action combat, gorgeous fantasy graphics -- what's not to like? Well, Massively is your sugar-daddy because today we've got 10,000 keys to give away, each of which will unlock the world of Arborea via TERA's Closed Beta Test 4 for North American players only.

All you have to do is click the link below, claim your key, and then copy/paste it into the appropriate section of your En Masse Entertainment account. What's that? You don't have an En Masse account? What are you waiting for, foo? Head to the firm's official site and make one right now! After you've gone through the email verification song and dance, click the "enter code" button on the right side of your account window and submit your key. Then download the TERA client via the button on the account overview tab.

En Masse has also brought word of a new video that shows off TERA's high-level Temple of Temerity instance. The dungeon tasks players with holding off hordes of enemies bent on destroying a relic, and the instance made its public debut at last week's GDC demo. Finally, En Masse is releasing an e-book called The Amaranthine Heart which expounds on TERA's lore and backstory. It's available for a palty $.99 on Amazon (and the instance video is free of charge after the cut).

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