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Move's cryptic Datura captured on video


At GDC, Sony officially unveiled Plastic Studios' Datura, a Move-based adventure game that puts you in control of a spooky floating hand in a richly detailed forest. I had the opportunity to move through the forest, touch trees, and crack ice, but you need this video from PlayStation Blog to help understand the oddity of Datura.

Datura seems to trade adventure game logic for dream logic, and gives you bizarre choices that result in unexpected effects. For example, picking up an icepick (in a hollowed out statue) transports you instantly to an ice field, where you must decide whether to get a trophy -- or a frantic person -- out of the ice. Seemed like an easy choice for me, but apparently not everybody does the same thing. Your actions result in alterations to the main forest environment, which may include ... different insects? Told you it was odd.

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