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SoulCalibur 5 getting balance patch March 21, monthly costume DLC starting in April

Jordan Mallory

The secret to a successful modern fighting game isn't so much the launch as it is the post-launch support. It's kind of like an MMO, in that patching and re-balancing based on community input adds refinement and longevity to the platform. Namco Bandai seems to get this, as it'll be updating SoulCalibur 5's ranked match matchmaking algorithms and character balance next Wednesday, March 21. Specifics on those balance changes are forthcoming, according to the SC5 Facebook page.

The curators of the Stage of History have also announced that SC5 will receive monthly costume DLC packs, the first of which will arrive on April 3 for the 360 and April 4 for the PS3. No word yet on costume pack pricing or content, but we've got a sneaking suspicion that whatever we're expecting, we're probably way off.

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