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Capcom lays out Street Fighter X Tekken DLC schedule and pricing


While we all await Capcom's plan to address a number problems with Street Fighter X Tekken -- the absence of online couch co-op in the Xbox 360 version; the sound, infinite combo and lag issues that persist online -- the company has laid out plans for DLC, both free and premium.

On April 3, alternate costumes go on sale, allowing SF characters to dress up like Tekken people and vice versa. Each costume will set you back 80 MS Points ($1) each, or 1040 MS Points ($13) each for all SF or all Tekken fighters. Also, Capcom will release some free colors for customization and three new quick combo slots for each fighter.

After the April stuff, Capcom will release a free tournament support update that makes it easier to select gems at the character select screen through some kind of "dial system." Following that is a title update that will add "three new Assist Gem packs and six new Boost Gem packs, which add over 60 gems to the selection pool," Capcom-Unity reports. Each character will also get three more customizable gem sets, bringing the total up to five for each fighter.

Finally, those 12 characters coming to consoles after the Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken launches are priced as a set at 1600 MS Points ($20). It'll be available later this year.

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