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Got Mists of Pandaria questions? Listen to The WoW Insider Show Live! Monday at 1:00pm EDT


Are you looking for sweet, sweet Mists of Pandaria information discussion the day the NDA lifts on the press event? Join the WoW Insider crew for a live podcast recording on Monday, March 19, 2012, at 1:00 p.m. Eastern time as we discuss (what will be the then) newly available Mists of Pandaria information.

On hand will be Alex Ziebart and Mike Sacco, who both were at the Blizzard press event. Besides talking about their experiences, they'll also be doing a live Q&A about it all. If you can't come, feel free to drop a question or two in the comments of any of the live show announcement posts, and we'll pick a few to answer.

We'll have a post up with a player embedded 30 minutes before the show begins. The podcast itself will be made available the following day. Come join us for some fun and discussion of the new MoP info!

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