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WRUP: You'd better be wearing green edition

Eliot Lefebvre

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Normally I'd admonish people for taking a special day out of their busy schedules just to drink heavily (everyone knows you do that throughout the week), but in this case I'm just going to admonish people not for wearing green. If you aren't wearing green, you're missing the point. Also, you could stand to do that more often. I'm just happy to see people wearing green clothes; it doesn't have to be a holiday.

Me? Half of my shirts are green.

This week's WRUP does not actually involve any Saint Patrick's Day shenanigans. Instead, we've opted for our usual mixture of games and some assorted musings on what games we'd play if the games in question had alternate rulesets for some servers. So go ahead and spy on our weekend antics just past the cut, and let us know what you'll be doing in the comments!

Beau Hindman, F2P and Mobile Columnist
@Beau_Hindman: I will be switching to Realm of the Mad God for Rise and Shiny, but I'll be spending a lot more time in some of my usual titles: RuneScape, Spiral Knights, Illyriad, and a few others as well. The wife is going out of town for the weekend, and I can't believe I'm looking forward to doing basically the same thing I do every weekend plus some house cleaning. Glamorous, huh?

I think I would like to play Darkfall if the designers took away the silly PvP. It's done in a way that really feels kind of goofy, the opposite of realistic or punishing. I love the look of that game!

Brendan Drain, EVE Columnist and Contributing Editor
@nyphur: I'll have my head buried in game programming this week because it's awesome. In EVE Online, I'll be handing over some capital ships to a friend after successfully evacuating them from his destroyed wormhole starbase and managing to get them safely back to empire. I'm not sure what to do until the next expansion; it's been so long since CCP revamped a full feature that I think I've done everything hundreds of times. Hopefully Inferno manages to bring small-scale PvP back to life because hunting for targets with just a couple of friends as wingmen is absolutely EVE at its best.

I don't think the ruleset has ever really put me off an MMO before because most tend to have PvP servers and such. I suppose I'd play more of the big fantasy MMOs if they introduced freeform territorial warfare or a gear-dropping mechanic for PvP.

Bree Royce, Senior Editor
@nbrianna: It's a City of Heroes double exp weekend, so you know where I'll be! I've also got Journey now, so I need to block off some PS3 time to run through that.

I could totally see playing a sandbox like Darkfall again but for the gank PvP and the surrounding culture, but I'll be radical and go for a speed-leveling server in a themepark grinder instead. I'd love Star Wars: The Old Republic much more on a server where I could just skip to the next class quest, and it'd be nice to tour an older game like EverQuest II without any looming grind.

Eliot Lefebvre, Columnist Extraordinaire and Senior Contributing Editor
Star Wars: The Old Republic and Final Fantasy XIV remain on my agenda for the weekend, along with Final Fantasy XIII-2. Also some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, now that I'm done with the main game (which I enjoyed immensely all the way through).

There aren't many games that I decline to try based on the server type; it's usually a matter of the game itself just not looking fun. The lone exception-ish element is that I'll sometimes be more apt to give a game a whirl if it features some dedicated roleplaying servers, since the lack thereof seems just plain lazy.

Elisabeth Cardy, Guild Wars 2 Columnist
@elixabethclaire: I'm away from my PC for most of this week, so I'll be taking a bit of a break from Guild Wars and company and exploring some mobile games that've been waiting patiently for my attention. It's also something of a recovery week for me, so I'll likely be playing how-many-hours-can-I-sleep-in-a-row and how-many-Game-of-Thrones-episodes-can-I-fit-in-one-day, which are actually kind of contradictory games. I'm also hoping to sneak in a game or two of Munchkin, if I can convince certain folks that it is, in fact, a necessary use of our time.

Jeremy Stratton, Contributing Editor
@Jeremy_Stratton: I've become quite the MMO-hopper lately. I'll most likely spend time in Atlantica Online, Vanguard, and Darkfall for upcoming livestreams. Atlantica has reawakened my hunger for turn-based strategy. Runes of Magic's third anniversary is approaching as well, so I will definitely be checking that out.

I would love to see crafting continue to be developed as a full-fledged system in a way that isn't undermined like crafting in MMOs like RoM or World of Warcraft. The one thing that irks me is the building of a great system to, say, build shoes, followed by the removal of any reason to craft those shoes. What? I don't mean going back to a his-or-hers struggle, either; we live in an age of MMOs when everyone can get what he wants. Now that I've got that rant off my chest, I'd like to see RoM go back to its original PvP ruleset. I remember when random, massive fights would break out all the time. I miss those days.

Justin Olivetti, Columnist Extraordinaire and Senior Contributing Editor
@Sypster: Based on my temperment right now, I'm probably going to divide my time equally between my recently revived Captain in Lord of the Rings Online, who is forging her way into Dunland, and my brand-new Trooper in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I guess I'm in a mood for heavy armor and big weapons these days!

Honestly, if EVE had a non-PvP shard with a ton more support for PvE activities than it does now, I'd be tempted. I love sci-fi/space settings, but the atmosphere and community of that game's PvP turns me off in a big way.

Matt Daniel, Contributing Editor
@mvmatt: As of 10:00 p.m. tonight, I am officially on spring break. Therefore, my weekend will be spent making up for the sweet, precious gaming time of which school has deprived me. So you better believe I'm gonna be doing some game-hopping. Guild Wars with the fabulous Lis, World of Warcraft with my friend Seth, who has decided to drag me back into the game, and maybe -- just maybe! -- I'll manage to spend some time with Mass Effect 3.

There's really no game that is made or broken by a ruleset for me. I'd say I'd probably be more inclined to play Guild Wars with more frequency if it had a roleplaying server, however. I think that the game's story-heavy linear structure lends itself extremely well to roleplaying through the game as a group, so an RP ruleset would be pretty groovy, but I'm sure that's something that will be addressed by Guild Wars 2. Isn't it, ArenaNet? /glare

MJ Guthrie, Aion and Sandbox Columnist
I just beat Protector's Realm for the first time with a friend in EverQuest II, and I'm hooked -- that really is quite the money-making racket! Unfortunately, I can't go back until Monday. I also showed a newly returned player around many of the Prestige houses and got totally excited about the housing all over again, so I plan to jump back into my 10+ decorating projects. After that, I want to tromp about Aion with my baby caster Asmo and try rifting over to Elysea. I recently reinstalled Fallen Earth and got my old character back... hmmm, I should check on those mutant chickens again. After that, then I shall sleep. Maybe.

Patrick Mackey, League of Legends Columnist
@mackeypb: I'm pretty sick, and I've been on bedrest most of the week. I imagine I won't be doing much of anything this weekend other than taking medicine, drinking tea, and eating soup.

My vote is also for EVE Online, but in the opposite direction; the biggest problem for me as a gamer is that EVE isn't a game. It's a giant floating mass of spreadsheets and text boxes. The combat is basically menu-driven; there's nothing visceral about fighting in EVE. If the game were more tactical, I'd probably play it. It's just not fun to click on an enemy and watch while my ship circles it and the enemy's HP drops. Even Star Trek Online does space combat better, and I'm not a huge fan of that game either.

Terilynn Shull, Star Trek Online Columnist
@terilynns: I can actually say I won't be playing much of anything this weekend. Instead, I will heading to California to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday, to meet my new (eight-month-old) nephew, and to spend time with by brother and other nephew too. I will also be using the opportunity to head down to the offices for Cryptic Studios to meet and interview a few of the people involved in Star Trek Online's development!

I have had interest in other games, namely LotRO, but I can't say that it's because they have a different ruleset. I play the games I play because they all have a certain linear gameplay, not because they differ. However, if there were to be a Star Trek-themed game that found a way to be fun and not battle-focused? Oh yeah, I'd be interested in that. It will never happen of course, but it's fun to dream about.

At the start of every weekend, we catch up with the Massively staff members and ask them, "What are you playing this week?" (Otherwise known as: WRUP!) Join us to see what we're up to in and out of game -- and catch us in the comments to let us know what you're playing, too!

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