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8BitMMO, an indie sandbox MMO from Archive Entertainment

Jordan Mallory

Sort of like a two dimensional Second Life, but without the thriving sex industry, 8BitMMO is a top-down, java-based sandbox construction game currently under development at Archive Entertainment.

Its world, built entirely from scratch by users, supports up to 250 concurrent players in a persistent environment, who can either craft on their lonesome or join with others to create collaborative constructions. A "grief protection system" prevents malicious ne'er-do-wells from jackin' with your craft, should you choose to build alone. There's also "basic" PvP and PvE combat, as well as "amusing quests and unusual enemies" like the Lawyercat.

Despite still being under construction, the latest build is available for free at the game's official site.

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Announcing 8BitMMO, an indie construction sandbox video game

Players can build houses, castles, even entire cities in this retro-style massively multiplayer game.

SEATTLE, WA – March 16, 2012 – A video game development project named '8BitMMO' was publicly announced today. 8BitMMO is a free online videogame where up to 250 concurrently connected players can shape the world block by block. The game's engine allows for a wide variety of player made buildings. Players can build solo, or group up and create their own towns with friends for cooperative building projects. In either case, a grief protection system protects the player's creations from unwanted interference. The game is humorous in tone, with amusing quests and unusual enemies. There is also basic Player vs Player and Player vs Environment combat.

"I am amazed with the creations players are coming up with," said the game's developer Robby Zinchak of Archive Entertainment. "People are creating some genuinely cool architecture - everything from towering windmills to sports arenas. One player even made a huge statue of a flying dragon. The community is very inventive, and I can't wait to see what they'll come up with next!"

The project was first started in 2001, but underwent multiple total-rewrites and art style changes. While the game is still currently in ongoing development, it is fully playable on the project's website. As the project is Java based, it can be easily run on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Future updates to the game are planned to introduce more features and content.

To play 8BitMMO, please visit


About Archive Entertainment:
Archive Entertainment is a one-man indie developer, Robby Zinchak. Previously a Producer at Microsoft, he has also led game creation at Capcom and Midway, producing titles such as Final Fight: Double Impact, and FLOCK!. He is now working full time on 8BitMMO from his home in Seattle. Robby has a long history with games: he wrote his first one 17 years ago on a cutting edge 16-color PC. Since then, he has continued to create games while retaining that same pioneering spirit.


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