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Japanese hardware sales, March 5 - 11: We now join our story already in progress edition

Jordan Mallory

Now that GDC and SXSW are totally and completely over, things should be getting back to normal around here. Broadcast interruptions like last week's non-existent Japanese hardware sales post will be a thing of the past, at least until PAX East starts up three weeks from now.

Rather than run last week's numbers, we're going to jump right back into our usual groove with the most current figures from Media Create. I will, however, give you a brief rundown of what you missed: Many people in Japan bought many things, some of which were related to video games. All purchases cost varying amounts of money and totals for the week were either slightly different than the previous week, or dramatically different, depending on what actually happened.

There, see? All caught up. Let's get back at it:

3DS: 68,951 [DOWN] 1,793 (2.53%)
PS3: 34,816 [DOWN] 30,300 (46.53%)
PSP: 16,176 [UP] 461 (2.93%)
Vita: 10,041 [UP] 18 (0.18%)
Wii: 8,322 [UP] 211 (2.60%)
PS2: 1,363 [UP] 115 (9.21%)
Xbox 360: 1,290 [DOWN] 87 (6.32%)
DSi LL: 850 [UP] 40 (4.94%)
DSi: 502 [DOWN] 51 (9.22%)

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