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DisplayMate compares Apple Retina displays


DisplayMate, known for its professional monitor and television calibrating tools, took a close look at the retina display of the new iPad and compared it with the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2. In a rather lengthy article, the company runs the three devices through its battery of laboratory and visual tests.

DisplayMate points out that the high resolution is almost overkill and likens it to the overinflated megapixels in digital cameras. What makes the iPad display so wonderful is its improved color saturation, better color accuracy, and the fact that Apple made a variety of improvements without raising the price of the tablet.

Though its a leap forward, the new display needs some work. Tablet manufacturers should try to lower reflectance, improve the ambient light sensor and work on the automatic brightness level which is "functionally useless," says DisplayMate. You can check out the rest of the detailed analysis at DisplayMate's website.

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