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Howsabout another 5000 TERA closed beta keys?


Massively's got a treat for those of you who were off doing something crazy like sleeping, eating, or working last Thursday, such that you missed out on grabbing one of the 10,000 TERA closed beta keys we gave away that very day in just under four hours. The treat is a picture of a centaur stabbing a dude with a spear! Just kidding -- it's 5,000 more keys!

These keys will secure your spot in TERA's Closed Beta Test 4 for North American players only, which runs this weekend, beginning on March 23rd. Just click the button below, claim your key, and then copy and paste it into the appropriate section of your En Masse Entertainment account, which you can create at the official site. After you've verified your email address, click the "enter code" button on the right side of your account window and submit your key. You can download the TERA client via the button on the account overview tab.

Don't forget to have fun!


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