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RIFT 1.8: Guild recruitment system preview

RIFT's upcoming 1.8 patch will come in handy for players still caught in the search for a guild to call home, thanks to the guild recruitment system. Guild leaders will be able to (but don't have to) post listings to try to attract more players to their guilds. These listings can be customized with such information as the guild's category (RP, hardcore, PvP, dungeons, raiding, and more), the sort of roles that need to be filled (tank, heal, damage, and support), character level, and play schedule. There's also a description field that'll allow leaders to give a more in-depth description of guild services and outlook.

Players will access the guild finder through their social menu and be able to sort through guilds by roles, availability, guild size, and category. They'll then see all posted information and be able to decide which guild they think is a good fit for them. A message button in the finder screen will allow players to contact guild leaders, and thus shall many happy matches be made.

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