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Tex Murphy may be revived as a Kickstarter proposal


Before we say anything here, make sure you've got a firm grasp on your wallet because it might just jump out of your pocket. The odds are very good that Tex Murphy is coming back in a new game ... funded by Kickstarter. Whoa there! Hang on to that wallet, there's no place to spend your money just yet, kid!

As announced by the trailer above, Big Finish Games indeed has plans to start up a Kickstarter page on May 15, and try to round up fan-based funding for a sixth game in the fondly remembered full-motion video adventure series. What they're asking for right now is ideas on what to offer in the Kickstarter campaign, as well as written or video testimonials from fans extolling the series' virtues, to be delivered to the company's contact page.

On May 15, the page is supposed to go live, and at that point you can donate to your heart's content. Chris Jones, who both designed the games and plays Tex Murphy himself, is obviously on board, because you can see him mugging in character with the latest People magazine right there in the video.

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