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The Apple Store is down (Update: back up with no changes)


Apple's online store is currently down. When the Apple Store goes down around this time of week, it's usually a sign of something new showing up in the store or some kind of promotional/holiday refresh taking place rather than simple maintenance updates. We haven't heard of any new products coming down the pipeline -- Apple probably has its hands full with the new iPad rollout at the moment -- but we'll let you know what (if anything) shows up when the store comes back up.

We have heard that Apple may simply be doing some work on the backend to update its images for the iPad's higher-resolution Retina Display, so that might be all this is. Don't get your hopes up is all we're saying.

Update: The store is back up, but as far as we can tell nothing's different. Let us know in the comments if you see something we missed.

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