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Things to do with your iPad other than sell it


Not long ago, I wrote a post about using your older iPad as an extra television. Following up on that post, our beloved leader Victor asked if I could suggest other things to do with out-of-generation iPads other than sell them for cash.

Of course, handing them over to another family member is one of our favorite ways to redeploy older devices. Beyond that, there's a lot you can do with something this versatile.

An iPad can make a beautiful art installation and a unique wall clock in addition to acting as a recipe station and instant reference library. Our favorite wall mount of the moment was written up over at Glasshouse Apps by Graham Clarke. He created a foldaway kitchen-friendly installation that keeps his iPad in instant reach.

Other readers shared a variety of installations. Irene wrote that she mounted her older iPad behind an aquarium, running a fishes app on the iPad. Other readers like Raphael have created in-vehicle entertainment systems. He writes, "Getting an iPad or iPad 2 hinged-mounted on the ceiling [offers] a cheaper alternative, providing anything from transferred movies or streaming Netflix or SlingPlayer, or other apps." And of course, there's the Angry Birds arcade station lovingly created with an original iPad.

So how are you using your previous generation iPads? Tell us in the comments and help inspire some ways to make the most of these devices without passing them out of the household.

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