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Aion producer talks about 3.0 and being truly free

Eliot Lefebvre

The conversion to free-to-play is taking place in less than a month for Aion, and that means an influx of new players along with a massive new update. Producer Adam Christensen recently sat down to record a short video for the fans discussing how the conversion will work, what players can expect in terms of the update's storyline, and what to expect in terms of store offerings once the conversion takes place.

Christensen explains that the primary motivating factor behind the removal of subscriptions was a simple need for players to have a larger influx of other people to group with -- the game plays best with other people, and making the game free-to-play would secure a larger number of people. He also opines at length about features such as housing and the new dungeons coming with patch 3.0. The full video is just past the break, and if it piques your interest, clear a little time away around April 11th to give the game a shot.

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