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Far Cry 3 trailer goes on a nasty trip, reveals pre-order bonuses


As we reported last month, drugs will play a role Far Cry 3. The latest trailer gives us a closer look as protagonist Jason Brody takes pills and eat mushrooms, which have a very significant effect on how he perceives the environment. The rest of the trailer is ... well it's bloody and definitely not appropriate for younger viewers.

The end of the trailer also reveals a GameStop pre-order bonus, namely the "Monkey Business Pack," which includes "four missions hosted by Hurk and his bomb-carrying monkeys" and "two bonus ways to humiliate your friends." If poop-throwing is involved, you can count us out.

Interestingly, a UK version of the trailer features different pre-order content. Specifically, UK pre-orders will receive the "Lost Expeditions Edition" of Far Cry 3, which includes two bonus missions and an in-game flare gun. Looking over the North American retailers listed on Ubisoft's own Far Cry 3 website, it appears that only Best Buy is offering the Lost Expeditions Edition. We've contacted Ubisoft to see if the content will also be offered by other retailers.

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