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Ready at Dawn on going from handheld to next-gen, and getting away from GoW


Ready at Dawn is known for having crafted two excellent God of War games for PSP, as well as assisting in their porting to the PlayStation 3. Unfortunately for Ready at Dawn, the company isn't known for much else – an issue that co-founder and CEO Ru Weerasuriya aims to fix by setting a new direction for his studio.

"When it came to really decide what we wanted to do next, I think most of the guys internally just wanted to do something that, in some ways, we had built this company for. It's taken us time to get there and we've wanted to do new IP, we've been working on it for a while, and we felt the time was right and it was just the perfect alignment of everything that was happening," Weerasuriya told GamesIndustry International.

Which isn't to say the team never considered resting on its laurels and crafting yet another portable God of War, this time for the Vita. "It's an idea that was floated as far as what could happen on the Vita. And especially with a platform like that, we were enticed I think by the prospect of doing something on that platform, but it just didn't align with what we wanted," Weerasuriya said. He'd still love for Sony to do such a project ("There's so much potential for it!"), but for the first time in four-plus years, his studio isn't working on Kratos' next portable game.

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