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Siri Yelps a bit louder with iOS 5.1


One of Siri's more convenient features has always been its integration with Yelp, the business-rating social website. When Siri first showed up in October, a query about finding restaurants or other nearby businesses would give you a response showing a listing by either Yelp ranking or distance. However, tapping a listing wouldn't take you to Yelp to check out comments by others about the business. Now the Yelp Official Blog reports that iOS 5.1 adds even more powerful integration between Siri and Yelp.

The responses from Siri now list those Yelp-ranked businesses, and a tap on the star rating transports you directly to the Yelp business profile page. That page supplies review highlights, hours of operation, the address, phone number, and more information than Siri can shake a virtual stick at.

While this is an improvement, I'm still waiting for the day when I can ask Siri about a specific restaurant and get a verbal response like this one from fellow TUAW blogger Dave Caolo: "Siri, should I eat at this restaurant?" Siri's response: "Do you have Imodium at home?" or "Pfft. It's your money!"

Yelp has helpfully provided a video showing how the new integration with Siri works. Enjoy it while you eat lunch at that greasy spoon diner down the street.

[via Gadgetsteria]

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