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The Daily Grind: Who was your MMO mentor -- and whom did you mentor?


No matter how many years we have played MMOs, we shouldn't forget that we all had to start somewhere. Yes, we were all noobies once, floundering through our first days in an online game and aggroing everything in sight without understanding what "aggro" meant. We all needed help and guidance, and some of us got it in the form of a friendly mentor.

This mentor showed us the ropes, taught us the slang, gave us resources so we weren't as vulnerable, and helped us get our game footing. Maybe it was a guild leader, a real-life friend or family member, or even a now-forgotten Gnome who took time out of her day to take pity on a greenhorn such as yourself.

Later on as you gained more experience in the ways of the MMO, you had opportunities to mentor others in return. You heard the pleas from the advice channel, roped in a buddy to play the game, or taught a significant other about your hobby. The student became the teacher, and you found yourself explaining that mass-aggroing 20 mobs at once was not beneficial.

So tell us: Who was your MMO mentor -- and whom did you mentor?

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