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Lady Shotgun Games: new studio from Tomb Raider devs, working on iOS game


Lady Shotgun Games is a brand new studio being put together by two developers who formerly worked with Eidos on the Tomb Raider franchise, and a number of other studios including Sony and Sega. Anna Marsh and Sarah van Rompaey have decided to leave the big studios and try to go indie. Along with a team of freelancers, they are hoping to make a splash with "a great game for mobile on a realistic budget."

The name of the company might suggest that it's a girl power thing, but though many of the company's workers are female, Marsh tells Gamasutra it's more of a developer power thing. The goal is to create a studio with a remote staff to support "the idea that this could really work with a group of experienced freelance developers who all knew how to manage their own time, work as a remote team and take responsibility for their own work."

The studio's first title will be a universal iOS app, with a chance for other platforms later, and Marsh teases that it's a casual title with "a tongue-in-cheek narrative" and "depth in the right places." The game will be revealed later on this summer, and you can see some early concepts over on the official blog.

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