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Nvidia's next-gen Kepler tech detailed

Jordan Mallory

The realm of PC gaming is terrifying and expensive, and our clumsy hands can't be trusted around anything more fragile than a dual shock. As a result, we generally leave the technical, delicate heavy lifting of PC hardware analysis to our compatriots at Engadget, who are much more coordinated and far less hot-pocket stained than us.

Nvidia's newest graphics card, the GTX 680, is claimed to be the "fastest GPU in the world." It features an automatically variable clockspeed that maxes out GPU speed based on heat, "Adaptive VSync technology" for governing rendering speeds in sync with your monitor's refresh rate, and a new "TXAA" anti-aliasing algorithm, which we desperately hope stands for "Turbo Xtreme Anti-Aliasing." Head over to Engadget for its complete breakdown of the card's intricacies. It's even got charts and graphs!

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