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Zync unveils budget-friendly Z990, says it's India's first ICS tablet


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India's undoubtedly seen its fair share of cheap slabs, but if folks are willing to shell out a bit more than 2,000 or 2,900 rupees, they can end up snagging a better-specced piece of hardware. Priced at a modest 8,900 rupees (around $180), Zync's launching its Z990 7-inch slate, which claims to be the first to hit the Indian market with Android four-dot-oh on board. Alongside Big G's fresh treat are a TFT, 800 x 480 display, 1.2GHz CPU with 1GB of RAM, plus HDMI and microUSB ports. Naturally, and perhaps most importantly, the Z990 has the credentials to let you get all your favorite content via Google Play. Zync's got the tab up for grabs, and you can pop one in your cart now by heading over to the Letsbuy shop, linked down below to make it easier for you.

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