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Alan Wake's Night Springs: The Complete Series - 'Quantum Suicide' and 'Absence of Creativity'

Xav de Matos, @Xav

The Twilight Zone-inspired series within Alan Wake -- dubbed "Night Springs" -- was popular among fans. Each short episode not only helped to expand Alan Wake's universe, but it also led to the downloadable spin-off Alan Wake's American Nightmare, in which the character of Alan Wake was caught in the middle of a Night Springs episode arc.

Six original episodes were featured in Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake, and Joystiq has the exclusive season pass. Today, perhaps the best of the original series run: "Quantum Suicide." After the break is the final episode from Alan Wake, "Absence of Creativity."

But the season extends beyond its original run of six, and Joystiq has more Night Springs coming with new, never-before-seen episodes landing exclusively next week.

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