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MLB 12: The Show fouled up by online pass issues


When it was released earlier this month for PlayStation 3 and Vita, MLB 12: The Show encountered some significant issues with its online pass, which gives users access to online multiplayer. At least, that's what it's supposed to do, but Vita players encountered a curious bug, namely that their online passes were unredeemable on the Vita. The pass could be redeemed via a PlayStation 3, albeit with one tiny problem: It unlocked online play for the PS3 version instead.

The problem has since been fixed for those who have yet to redeem their online pass, according to the PlayStation forums, but at least one user tells Joystiq that related problems persist. Vita owner Benoit redeemed his pass on March 6 before the fix, thus unlocking online play for the PS3 version, which he doesn't own. Per the advice on the forums, Benoit waited a week for the problem to be resolved before finally contacting customer service.

The chain of emails that followed saw Benoit promised a replacement code that was never delivered, after which he was asked to provide photos of his receipt and the online pass itself. Upon providing these, he was told the proof was invalid. Now, nearly three weeks after release, he remains unable to play the game online. We've contacted Sony to see what players in Benoit's situation can do.

This isn't the first time an online pass has caused unnecessary trouble for legitimate customers. Just this week, users complained that online pass codes for Ninja Gaiden 3 are broken. A similar issue cropped up for numerous DLC packs in Batman: Arkham City last year. Now, thanks to the Vita's ability to Cross Play with the PlayStation 3, it looks like we have a whole new class of online pass issue.

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