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Breakfast Topic: How did you get your friends to come back?


While I don't want to sound negative with today's Breakfast Topic, I think it's important to acknowledge that after nearly eight years, people drift away and come back to this game at their own intervals. I've taken a few breaks here and there myself; sometimes I just get WoW'd out after covering a beta for five months nonstop.

It's normal, it's natural, and Blizzard is well aware of this. Blues have even commented before that they know we're going to play other games but that we're probably going to be coming back to WoW, too. And it's in this line of thinking where today's question comes in.

How did you get your friends back? Or rather, why'd they come back?

A good friend of mine recently got back in the game after I had told him about all the beta and press stuff nonstop for a couple weeks. It also helped that he wanted a real MMO to play, versus some other options on the shelves these days. For him, it was the social gameplay aspects and what looks to be some seriously good endgame come Mists. Of course, the Scrolls of Resurrection helped too.

Have you guys convinced your friends to come back? What'd you say or do?

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