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Indie Royale offers up five NinjaBee titles for PC at one low price


Indie Royale has posted its latest bundle, and this time it's developer NinjaBee that's getting the spotlight. NinjaBee is probably most known as a developer for Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade service, but this bundle includes PC versions of its biggest games, including the recent Ancients of Ooga puzzle platformer, XBLA classic Cloning Clyde, sandbox builder A Kingdom for Keflings, space station simulator Outpost Kaloki, and a bonus title, the strategy RPG Band of Bugs.

That's a solid oeuvre for sure, and at the current bundle price of $3.44 (remember, these indie bundles raise in price over time, or go back down if someone kindly pays over the minimum), it's an excellent deal as well. As is usual with these things, all of the titles are DRM-free, but they're only available for a limited time -- the Ninja Bee bundle will end in just a few days.

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