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ICS upgrade leaks for AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

Sharif Sakr

We bet that when you decided to skip AT&T's regular Galaxy S II in favor of the 4.5-inch LTE Skyrocket variant, you hadn't counted on being left to twiddle your thumbs while the ICS wave gets started. But that's what's happening, despite the fact that an official ICS build for the handset has apparently been in existence since March 14th. How do we know that? Because RootzWiki reckons it has the leaked release along with full installation instructions and download mirrors at the source below. It doesn't get along with those larger GS II variants from T-Mobile or Rogers, but on AT&T handsets it brings the full works, including NFC and Google Wallet functionality. Go ahead -- patience may be virtuous, but then so is Android 4.0.

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