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Phantasy Star Online to be F2P, Android and iOS versions announced


We know that the Guild Wars 2 beta coverage is all the rage today, but it's certainly not the only sequel worthy of attention. SEGA has announced that its upcoming Phantasy Star Online 2 will utilize a free-to-play business model, which of course means that the title will feature an item shop with microtransactions.

The studio has also revealed that, in addition to partaking of the already-announced PC and PS Vita versions of the game, Android and iOS smartphone owners will be able to get in on the fun as well. While it's not entirely clear how these new versions of the game will work, we do know that they will not allow cross-platform play as the PC and Vita editions will, though they will "share data with the [PC and Vita] versions," reports The smartphone versions of the game are planned for release in winter 2012, after the summer release of the PC version but before the spring 2012 launch of the Vita edition.

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