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Survey: 24% of Americans plan to buy the new iPad in the next three months


While all surveys should be viewed with a skeptical eye, a recent study from Baird Equity Research should make Apple watchers happy. As reported by Fortune's Philip Elmer-DeWitt, the survey of 488 "younger, tech-savvier" online respondents by Baird showed some surprising results.

The first result showed that 24 percent of respondents plan to buy the new iPad. If that result is applied to the entire American population, then Apple had better get the plants in China and Brazil fired up, because they'll need to produce about 75,180,000 iPads just to keep the US market happy.

The next surprising result of the survey showed that 29 percent of international respondents planned to purchase the new iPad within the next three months. That figure should also keep the Foxconn factories working overtime. Other information points provided by the survey include that 48 percent of existing iPad owners plan to purchase a new iPad, including 35 percent of those who already own an iPad 2.

15 percent of the US respondents said that they'd like to purchase the newly discounted iPad 2, while 28 percent said that they would purchase an iPad instead of a laptop. Sure, 488 respondents is a small sampling, but the numbers certainly point towards a banner year for iPad sales.

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