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WB teases iOS Spy vs. Spy revival


First Star Software's Spy vs. Spy, originally released in 1984 for Commodore 64, was a two-player game of sabotage and intrigue, as the famous spies from Mad Magazine stalked an embassy, stealing confidential documents and other items while setting ridiculous traps for each other.

WB Games sent Joystiq the above image, playfully presenting it as a mystery. It's a mystery we're happy to solve: the screenshot looks just like a redrawn version of the original game, the First Star logo and copyright info suggests this new thing is based on the same content, and developer Robots & Pencils (whose logo also appears in the teaser image) identifies itself as an iPhone and iPad developer.

Put all that together, and you have a Spy vs. Spy remake for iOS. Which, if we can remotely plant traps for our friends (in the game!) sounds pretty great.

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