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Anarchy Online's Fia Tjernberg talks graphics engine update and the future of the game


Anarchy Online players have been anxiously awaiting the game's upcoming graphics engine upgrade for some time now, and new details are slowly but surely beginning to drip down the pipeline. The latest of these new bits of information is an interview with Game Director Fia Tjernberg that also includes a new preview video showing off "dynamic grass, shadow, water, and god-rays" in the new engine.

The interview itself only touches very briefly on the subject of the new engine itself, however, and in fact focuses more on the history of Anarchy Online as well as the direction that the team plans to take the game in the future. Tjernberg reveals that the team is "working towards a massive overhaul of [the game's] systems mechanics and content interaction," as well as "releasing a new starting area – nay strike that – a completely new starting experience," which should give new players and veterans alike plenty to look forward to in the future. To check out the new graphics engine preview video, just skip on past the cut, then click over to for the full interview.

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