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Korg announces new microKEY iPad-friendly keyboard/MIDI controllers


Anyone looking for a nice, portable keyboard and MIDI controller to use with Garage Band or other music apps on their iPad can stop looking. Korg, a longtime manufacturer of electronic keyboards and other musically-oriented products, has announced two new members of the microKEY family of keyboards that work well with the iPad and Mac.

Joining the microKEY-37 (37 keys, US$79.99) are the ultra-portable microKEY-25 (25 keys, $69.99) and the expanded microKEY-61 (61 keys, $179.99). The 37 and 61-key models also serve as USB hubs, and all of the devices run off of USB power. The microKEY-25 requires the Apple Camera Connection Kit to plug into an iPad, while the 37 and 61-key versions can be plugged directly into the iPad.

Korg also supplies the Legacy Collection Suite of software with the microKEY-61, which provides software versions of many of Korg's synthesizers. All three models of the microKEY use velocity-sensing mini keys, and according to the company they have a key touch that "makes it easy to play chords." The two larger keyboards also include pitch bend and modulation wheels for extra control and expression.

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