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    Daily Mac App: DragonDrop provides a Finder caddy for your drag-and-drop files


    Sometimes there are problems you didn't even know you had -- and solutions that make your life so much better. DragonDrop is one of those solutions.

    You know when you have to drag items between folders and you end up juggling multiple Finder windows? It's such a pain getting both windows on-screen so you can grab a file from one and drag it into the other without the first window obscuring the second one.

    Enter DragonDrop.

    It creates a little virtual "caddy" where you can hold onto your file. Just wiggle the cursor while dragging the file and it appears. Drop the file onto it, and find your destination. Then drag the file from the caddy onto the target folder. Changed your mind? Just close the small floating palette window.

    We here at TUAW are not amused by "hit the tiny target" while dragging and dropping. Nor do we much appreciate the "drop items onto partially obscured non-focus windows." DragonDrop fixes that for us.

    The Happy Couple!Unfortunately, Apple passed on allowing DragonDrop into the Mac App Store, so you'll need to purchase via the website. Developer Mark Christian explained the situation via email.

    He writes, "The final verdict from Apple is that they will unequivocally not accept DragonDrop so long as the shake-to-activate gesture exists. They claim that it modifies Mac OS X system behaviour, which I feel is more than a little disingenuous. DragonDrop only appears when you perform the shake-to-activate gesture, and even when it does activate, it's just a window popping up - it doesn't prevent normal operation from proceeding.

    "The gesture itself can also be deactivated, so overall, I don't feel like they're justified in their decision. If you'd like, I'm trying to urge interested people to write to Apple at and ask that they reconsider their decision on DragonDrop (App ID: 499148234)."

    Having used DragonDrop for several weeks now, I can testify that the app is unobtrusive and handy. I personally think Apple should reconsider.

    In the end, all proceeds from the sale of the app will help fund the wedding of Mark and Nathalie, the developers who are pictured above. The license is liberal, so you can install it on all your personal Macs. DragonDrop is now available for purchase for $4.99 and I give a hearty thumbs up. It's a great utility if you do a lot of dragging and dropping of files on your Mac.

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