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Hunker down and blow up: Meet PlanetSide 2's Engineer


If PlanetSide 2's recent Infiltrator class reveal didn't grab you by the throat and say, "Play me with very last, dying gasp in your rapidly-turning-blue body," then SOE would like to try again with the Engineer. PS2's Engineer got a promotion from his old duties as a wrench monkey, opting instead for blowing enemies up with high-yield explosives and creating tough-as-nails fortifications to protect his teammates.

Engineers are granted an Advanced Construction Engine that turns them into a walking, smart-talking factory. With this tool, Engineers can deploy anti-personnel and anti-vehicle turrets, anti-tank mines, and protective shield generators. In addition, the class will fill a vital role when it comes to repairing vehicle and suit damage

In direct combat, the Engineer will rely on a trustworthy assortment of assault weapons, such as shotguns and SMGs. SOE predicts that the Engineer will be most valuable in holding a position and starting a siege against an enemy stronghold.

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