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Razer to arm lefties with the Naga if it gets 10,000 Likes before April 21st


Jealous of all of your right-handed mates and their Naga-wielding gaming rigs? Well, it appears Razer has heard the clamoring and plans to produce a southpaw version of the gaming mouse. The catch? A Facebook page must receive 10,000 Likes in a month in order for the project to move forward. Before you get too excited, the outfit warns that the left-handed Naga will take a year or more to complete -- but if the vote quota is reached, Min-Liang Tan gave his word to make it happen. Seems like it'll happen, too, as the page has currently received over 6,000 Likes. So if that lefty DeathAdder just isn't cutting it anymore, hit the source link below to further the cause.

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