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Ngmoco exec: Free-to-play is not exploitative


Delivering the keynote address at the current Free to Play Summit in London, Ngmoco Sweden General Manager Ben Cousins came out in strong support of the business model. He said that his response to people asking if F2P takes advantage of players is always the same: "Any business model where 95 percent of people who don't pay cannot be exploitative."

As most F2P players never spend money in such games and tend to play the most, Cousins thinks that the model works in favor of the gamer. He also stated that freemium games are not set up to trick people into paying, saying that it's "ineffective" if that is the case as a vast majority resists doing so.

Cousins addressed the news stories of people who dangerously splurge on in-game purchases as a rarity: "I've never come across a big spender on a free-to-play game who has maxed out their credit cards. The big spenders I've met generally know what they're doing. Even the $5,000 spenders are not being exploited, they are just people who have found their big hobby."

Ngmoco publishes freemium titles on the iOS and Android platforms, including games like We Rule and We City.

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