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Taposé brings Microsoft Courier to the iPad


Want to get a taste of what the split-screen Microsoft Courier would be like if it was released? No? Me neither, but your disinterest in the Courier shouldn't stop you from checking out Taposé from Zanther, Inc, a unique and exciting split-screen productivity app that just hit the iOS App Store.

Taposé lets you split your iPad screen in half and use each side for different activities. One side can be a journal-style document editor and the other can be a web browser. You can pick any combination of journal, maps, web browser, contacts and calculator.

The two sides of the app are independent, but, here's the interesting part: they can also share information if needed. For example, you can lasso an image on a web page on one side, copy it to the clipboard and then paste it in your journal on the other side. The panes are adjustable so you can tweak the size of the two sides as needed.

It supports AirPrint and has a cloud component that lets you store your journals in the cloud and share them across devices. There's also a variety of smaller features and customizations that let you create eye-pleasing documents with lists, different backgrounds, various pen styles and more.

Taposé debuted after a long approval process which is chronicled in a post by CNET. I've been using it since it became available and can say that it's an excellent first effort. Because it's an early product, the app has its share of flaws.

The app did crash a few times and sometimes the user interface was a bit sluggish. Copying content didn't always work and page turning was a bit glitchy. Despite the bugs, I'm impressed with the concept and believe we will see more apps like this hit the iOS App Store in the future.

If you're interested in checking out something new, then I wouldn't hesitate to purchase Taposé. It's worth the US$2.99 to support the developer. If you want a polished app without any glitches, then you should hold off until version 2. If you do buy it, be prepared to spend some time learning Taposé, as the user interface and feature set is slightly more complex than your average note taking app.

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