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Hulu Plus comes to seven Android tabs with shiny new UI


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First, lets get the short list out of the way. If you're not the proud owner of a Transformer Prime, Transformer, Xoom, XYBoard 10.1, Thrive, Iconia or G-Slate then chances are Hulu Plus coming to Honeycomb and ICS slates doesn't do you much good. (Hopefully Hulu will get the app ready for Samsung's bottomless well of tablets soon.) Then again, maybe this is one more reason to consider picking up the Google-powered devices. The newly tablet-friendly app comes with an appropriate redesign, including large tiles and show pages packed with info and options. Content is organized into individually scrollable horizontal "trays" that make navigating clips and shows simple, without a lot of jumping back and forth between separate menus and pages. There's even long press shortcuts -- simply tap and hold on a show's icon and the next episode will automatically play. To see it in action check out the quick video after the break, then head over to the Google Play store to download it yourself.

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